NVIDIA Shield Tablet K1

Tablet PC Shield Tablet from NVIDIA, as presented and appeared on the market in the last year, came to taste mostly avid gamers and fans of the game to pass the time on a mobile device. A feature of NVIDIA Shield became a superpower at the time, and it is sharpened by the game content processor Tegra K1 development all the same NVIDIA. The rest of the tablet in question, if we compare it with the Xiaomi Mi Pad, who first got the chip Tegra K1, was well balanced (if not to take into account the length of battery life) mobile gadget with a focus on multimedia component.

However, Shield Tablet failed to acquire adequate popularity and become a benchmark for consumers considering a tablet primarily as a portable solution with an emphasis on maximum performance. The brainchild of NVIDIA, capable without "brakes" put you for a few hours on a bright and colorful world of Trine 2, or enable poorudovat is loved by fans of Half-Life tire iron in the second part of this game, with a starting price of $ 300 did not seem the most appropriate investment funds . This fact probably spodvig guide NVIDIA revise the pricing policy, so that the world saw the "new" tablet - model NVIDIA Shield Tablet K1.