Android Pay will not work on devices with Root privileges.

The need for the highest supply safety shoves payments by Google in the direction of tightening political figures on certain qualities of application phones. Specifically, after the start of the semi-official payments Android Pay is, if it can not be used by unauthorized lock screen. Now, because it turned out, if the device at Root generally unfit for mobile payments. Wotan of Google engineers explained with than probably connected.

Android Pay не будет работать на устройствах с Root правами.

In one of the branches of the forum XDA adept firms registered, if Google is practically fully supports sociability own mobile operating system, and all sorts of ways to welcome its formation, the excitement after causing extraneous software supply, at work which the company is obliged to make sure if the integrated systems of safety remained constant and capable. The order of its own, before the launch of Android Pay at SafetyNet API support full test is carried out, according to the results of which have all chances to be found the system configuration, some acting on its safety.