The performance of the new iPhone does not meet expectations

The other day, Apple finally introduced its new products: XR, XS and XS Max. All devices use the A12 Bionic chipset, which was supposed to provide a 15% increase in CPU performance and 50% of the GPU gain, while reducing power consumption by about half.
A six-core processor, made on 7-nm technology, however, failed to meet the expectations of users. Judging by the figures shown by benchmark Geekbench, the performance of new smartphones does not exceed the previous series by anything. So, the results of XS Max were 4 813/10 266 points, XR - 4750/9370 points. The same iPhone X on the A11 Bionic chipset demonstrates the result of 4 300/10 500 points.
Thus, the claimed jump in performance of the new series of smartphones from Apple did not happen, however, their results still exceed those of competitors on Android.