Successful testing of a commercial 5G network

One quite significant event took place this week - in Switzerland, in a small town of Lucerne, as part of a small test, a WNC prototype with a Snapdragon X50 chip was able to connect to the Swisscom 5G network of a telecommunications provider.
“Before that, we had only laboratory experiments, but the connection to our network of smartphones based on Qualcomm and WNC’s developments showed that we are ready to take a step forward and prove once again that Switzerland is an innovative country,” said Swisscom head Urs Schappi.
Apparently, the networks of the fifth generation are ready for future commercialization in the first half of 2019.
“We are proud to have made the world's first real-time connection to a mobile device with a real 5G network,” said director Qualcomm Cristiano Amon.