Google will simplify the procedure for the release of updates on Android

One of the main problems of the Android operating system has always been the fragmentation of its versions among smartphone owners. The untimely updates and the difficulty with their optimization and installation led to the fact that according to the official statistics of Android, the two-year-old Nougat has become the most common version of the system, and a quarter of smartphones work on the even older Marshmallow. In this regard, the success of Apple can be considered almost overwhelming - just three weeks after the release of the latest version of iOS 12, it has already been installed on more than half of the devices implemented in the last five years.
To make a difference, Google will create a “bare” system assembly (GSI), which does not have any additional features or add-ons that can be installed on any gadget with Project Treble support. This will enable smartphone manufacturers to optimize the latest versions of the system in their devices. If Google’s plans are successfully implemented, then soon the popularization of new versions of Android will be much faster and painless.
Thus, Google plans to openly post GSI versions of new Android before release, which will enable owners to update smartphones on their own.