Google Play Pass subscription to games and applications without ads

Following Apple's Arcade, Google is about to launch a similar service. True, the Play Pass, unlike its competitor, will make it possible to download not only games, but also applications.
According to the developer, the Play Pass base will increase steadily every month. Currently, users are offered a choice of 350 of the most popular games and applications. Moreover, in none of them there will be advertising. If you downloaded a game or application on Google Play, and then connected to the Play Pass, they will automatically be updated, ads will disappear, and all purchases in the game will be available without additional donation.
Unfortunately, unlike Apple Arcade, where part of the money goes to developers to create unique content, Google offers standard games and applications, but without ads.
The official cost of a monthly subscription is $ 5; the opportunity to share it with members of your family has been implemented. In addition, Google gives 10 days for a free trial test of the Pass Pass.