LiDAR sensor accurately detects human height

Two weeks ago Apple introduced two flagship models of the line 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max. The smartphones, among other things, received an advanced light measurement sensor LiDAR. The scope of its application is not limited to photo and video shooting. According to the manufacturer, the sensor will be used in applications with augmented reality. Well, in the meantime, it turned out that the sensor is able to determine very accurately the height of a person.
The sensor is able to measure the height of not only the person standing in front of the camera, but also sitting. For the system work it is necessary to enter the Measure program, which will determine where a person is located and will reveal his height, and the data can be photographed and, for example, posted on the Internet or shared with friends.
 LiDAR sensor accurately detects human height

LiDAR is also installed in the iPad Pro 2020, but according to the manufacturer's assurances, the smartphones have a more advanced modification.
By the way, the sensor works well regardless of the light level, and therefore is a more convenient solution than conventional camera sensors.