Samsung introduced a new generation 3D-Sensor

The other day there was a presentation of a new revolutionary sensor from Samsung. ISOCELL Vizion 33D will allow you to achieve the highest possible quality photos and realize unsurpassed tracking of objects in AR. The sensor will appear in the flagship smartphones of the South Korean manufacturer of the next wave.
Samsung introduced a new generation 3D-Sensor

The sensor is capable of continuously displaying depth of exposure data, which will be useful, for example, for bulk scanning or background blurring. Sensor-generated images are highly realistic with low power consumption.
At a distance of 20 centimeters to 5 meters ISOCELL Vizion 33D transmits the depth of objects as accurately as possible. The BST option improves the quantum efficiency of the sensor, while DTI minimizes cross-noise between pixels.

A four-point demodulation system with 120 fps support is available for tracking high-speed objects.