Clubhouse started development of the Android version

So far the new social network Clubhouse that has made a lot of noise is available only in the iOS version, but soon owners of smartphones based on the Android operating system will be able to enjoy all the benefits of communication in Clubhouse.

The other day it became known that Mope Ogundipe, who is famous as one of the most talented Android-developers and who has managed to work with Instagram, Medium and other well-known companies, got involved into the Android-version development process.
Recall that at the beginning of the year, Clubhouse was able to get a $100 million investment and can afford to engage in development and development, inviting experienced, world-renowned employees.

At the moment, the social network has a reach of 10 million users and is growing at a tremendous rate, even despite the lack of an Android version and the need for exclusive invitations to work on iPhones.