Apple lags behind Android smartphones in 5G speed

A fresh report of the analytical company Opensignal eloquently showed that to date, despite Apple's best efforts, Samsung, OnePlus and Google smartphones significantly outperformed the iPhone in terms of speed of working with the new generation networks.

According to the information presented, the highest place among Apple smartphones was taken by the iPhone 12 Pro, providing connection speeds of 36.9 Mbps. This result is significantly weaker than what the leaders of the list showed. The Galaxy S21 was the fastest of all the smartphones in the report, with a 5G connection speed of 56 Mbps. The top three were Revvl 5G with 49.8 Mbps and OnePlus 8T Plus with 49.3 Mbps.

Despite the poor results in connection speeds, Apple topped the speed gain category with a 2.3x increase in download speeds. Given that Apple smartphones have only recently begun to support next-generation networks, we think the gap between the company and its competitors will soon be seriously narrowed.