Google removed more than 700,000 unwanted applications from the store

Every year more and more malicious and fraudulent programs appear in the Google Play app store. According to Google, in 2017 on the Google Play platform appeared on 70 percent more "unwanted" programs than in 2016.
"We managed not only to clean the store of harmful content, but also to identify dangerous software in advance. More than 99 percent of "unwanted" programs were removed before users could install them on their devices, "representatives of the American company said.
Google удалил более 700 тысяч нежелательных приложений из магазина

Special attention of the company's specialists is occupied by so-called deceptive applications, which often completely copy the original application, but carry a great danger to the users who downloaded them. So, fake "Sberbank Online" at one time lured the users of their banking card details, and then sent these data to intruders.