Scientists have developed a cheap Wi-Fi signal booster

Weak Wi-Fi signal is a common problem that people encounter both at home and in the office. This is largely due to either interference or a large distance of the router. Scientists from the California Technical Institute have developed a special device that allows you to at least double the signal strength.
The device is a large rectangular board on which 48 miniature antennas are located, capable of picking up and combining incoming signals, thereby generating a second wave of data. Each of the 48 antennas is capable of changing the phase of the incoming signal to a previously calculated one, which together allows you to combine single-phase waves received from the antennas into a single amplified wave.
According to the results of laboratory tests, the use of the device provided an increase in the Wi-Fi coverage area by one and a half times and the transmission rate by half.
It is gratifying that such a fee can cost no more than $ 5.