Google will update Wear OS

Google has prepared a Wear OS update, which in the coming months will receive a smart watch Pixel Watch. The new version of the software contains many improvements, the most important of which is an increase in device autonomy.
According to the company, the update contains 4 important improvements:
1. Deep sleep. If the device is inactive for more than half an hour, it automatically goes into a state of deep sleep, in which energy consumption is minimized.
2. Increased energy saving. As soon as the battery capacity of the device reaches a critical value of 10 percent, all functions except the watch itself are automatically turned off.
3. Smart App Resume. Now you can continue to work with applications from the point where the last session was interrupted.
4. Simple device shutdown. To turn off the clock, you do not need to look for the corresponding item in the menu; now everything is turned off in two clicks.