Owners of new iPhones are suing Apple because of misleading them

On a well-known American corporation filed a class action lawsuit. The fact is that a number of buyers are rightly accusing Apple of fraud and advertising gimmicks. Buyers find differences between promotional materials and actual device characteristics.
One of the points of the claim is the charge of artificially increasing the number of pixels. The company in the advertisement indicates the total number of pixels, however, some of these pixels do not affect the final resolution due to the specific OLED display device. In addition, Apple camouflaged the cutout on the displays of new smartphones with special blackout wallpapers, as a result, many of the company's customers became owners of new gadgets and only then discovered the “visor”.
Finally, the plaintiffs argue that the claimed diagonals of smartphones in fact have smaller values, since the American company counts not the actual diagonal, but the rectangle, regardless of the rounded edges of the display.