The usefulness of the ECG option in the new Apple Watch questioned

One of the "chips" of the fourth generation of Apple's smart watches is the monitoring of the electrocardiogram of the gadget owner. However, cardiologists are very doubtful about the usefulness of this option.
According to statistics, in overwhelming cases, the owners of smart watches are young people no older than 35 years old, while heart problems occur most often in people twice as old. Therefore, this option is largely a marketing ploy, rather than a really necessary function.
Professor of Cardiology Venkatesh Murthy recently noted that more than 9 out of 10 messages from the gadget about heart problems turn out to be false alarm, and prescribing treatment in this case is not only useless, but often also harmful. At the same time, there is a benefit from ECG monitoring in smart watches, but it should be used in combination with observation by the attending physician and only by those owners who have heart rhythm disturbances.