Google has updated the design of the Google Play application

Google is actively updating the design of branded applications, the Chrome browser, the Play Store, have changed, but now it's time for Google Play, whose design has not changed for a long time and is quite outdated.
The main difference between the new version of Google Play was its coloring, if before the movie page was red, applications and games were green, and the books were blue, now all sections are exactly the same, white and now nothing will distract users from content .
In addition, you can mark the location of the list of applications that are no longer separated by strips. On the bottom tab of Google Play conveniently located all applications with the exception of music. Perhaps this is done so that it does not create competition for YouTube Music, which Google is actively promoting. As for the music tab, it can be found by swiping to the left.
By the way, the main font of the application has become a pleasant Google Sans.