Chrome for Android will be a virtual reality mode

Google has paid more attention to the virtual reality. This year will be launched VR-platform Daydream, where developers will be able to make custom applications and games. Now it became known that the search giant intends to transfer the work of the Chrome browser in a virtual reality. The latest Chrome beta for Android has appeared WebVR support - utility that allows developers to make websites for virtual reality. Moreover, the browser will be a special VR Shell shell that will translate any non-optimized sites in compatibility mode with virtual reality, so that the user does not have to take off the headset to find any information in Chrome.

Режим виртуальной реальности в Google Chrome

Unfortunately, at the moment VR Shell jacket does not work, and according to available information, it will only run in conjunction with the release of Daydream platform later this year. This good news for many is that VR Shell Chrome browser will work not only on the new smart phones and headsets with Daydream support, but also on the old device in the pair with Cardboard.