Over a million Chinese people want to buy a new Huawei with 5G

Two weeks ago, in Beijing, the presentation of the 5G version of the flagship smartphone Mate 20 X took place, and yesterday its sales officially started. Apparently, the number of buyers of the device can reach a serious figure, since more than a million customers have reserved it for the upcoming purchase.
Of course, the reservation is not a pre-order, it does not require payment and therefore part of the reserved devices may not be sold out. Nevertheless, the interest in the new product is huge, given that it is sold only in the Middle Kingdom.
The most interesting thing is that the 5G version of the Mate 20 X smartphone, in addition to having a modem, is no different from the main version of the device, which was presented on October 16 last year. Obviously, the rapid development of new generation networks is pushing people to purchase smartphones that support high communication standards.