TSMC will try to prove Moore's law

Once upon a time, Intel founder Gordon Moore found a pattern between the release of new chips and the number of transistors involved in them. He argued that the number of transistors in new circuits doubled over and over again. His observation was later called Moore's law. However, in 2007, Moore himself admitted that his law would cease to work in the near future.
Taiwanese company TSMC, one of the most powerful in the field of chip manufacturing, on the eve presented the largest "silicon bridge", which combined two processors and eight memory chips on a single substrate. Moreover, the area of ​​this electronic component is only 2500 mm².
In light of this event, TSMC Marketing Manager Godfrey Chen said the company will try to prove in practice that Moore’s law is still in effect. The top manager suggested increasing the transistor density, for example, using through connections and three-dimensional packaging.
By the way, TSMC recently announced the start of work on the production of microcircuits for the 2-nanometer process technology.