Android 10 monitors the status of the USB port

In early September, Android 10 was released, which will bring a large number of new useful options - monitoring the location of the child’s smartphone, as well as all the actions that are performed with the device, focus mode, dark theme and many other useful functions. At the same time, the “dozen” also carries some undocumented options.
Android 10 will pay much attention to the work of the USB port. It became known that if the port is clogged or water gets into it, the system will warn the user and automatically disconnect the port. At this time, literally the following will be written on the screen of the mobile device: “The USB port is disconnected to protect your gadget from debris or water. It can no longer be detected by other accessories. As soon as its performance is restored, we will notify you. "
The new operating system monitors the port temperature during charging, and if it increases, it will prompt the user to complete the charging process.