Facebook spies on iPhone owners by secretly launching a camera

Quite an interesting feature of the work of Facebook on the iPhone was noticed by one of the owners of the device. While using the Facebook application, it activates the smartphone’s camera without warning. As evidence, the user posted a video, which shows that the camera of his device is activated while opening Facebook.
Journalists from TheNextWeb decided to verify the information in practice, and to their great surprise, it was confirmed. It is worth allowing the application access to the camera, which by default is done by almost everyone, and it is immediately activated without the user's knowledge at the time of using the application. The only way to avoid this is to prevent the application from accessing the camera, but in this case it will become impossible to publish stories and share photos and videos with friends. By the way, on Android-smartphones such a problem was not found.
Facebook has not previously had a cloudless reputation in terms of confidentiality, and with the identification of new circumstances it may have even more problems.