OnLeaks Insider: “Samsung is working on a device with a retractable camera”

Last year, it was fashionable for Chinese manufacturers to create smartphones with a front-facing camera moving out of the case. Such solutions were used in their devices by OPPO, Redmi, OnePlus and many others. However, apparently, such a decision was not very positively received by customers, and this year the number of devices with a moving camera significantly decreased.

Nevertheless, it became known that one of the industry leaders - the company Samsung - is working to introduce a moving front camera in its future devices. So, a reputable insider OnLeaks recently posted on the social network renders of an unannounced Samsung device with a front camera that works on this principle. Judging by the images, the future smartphone will receive a triple main camera.

Given that the fingerprint sensor in the device is located on the rear panel, and not built directly into the screen, we can assume that the smartphone screen will be liquid crystal.