You can "catch" a Trojan through a power bank

Progress cannot be stopped, unfortunately, neither can the improvement of spy technologies. Fraudsters are constantly improving and extending the functionality of malicious programs, and to do this they use more and more new solutions. On the eve of the Chinese Bureau of cybercrime has sent out a warning that says the danger to mobile devices can come from chargers and mobile phones.
Experts believe that criminals can embed malicious software in mobile phones and chargers, which can transmit control over the device to an attacker and steal photos, videos, SMS messages and other confidential information, as well as display ads. Moreover, a regular user will be unable to detect the malware.
Specialists advise not to use mobile phones from suspicious manufacturers, avoid their collective use and not to enable the "developer mode" option. In addition, it is important to be attentive and notice the prompts of your mobile device, because sometimes clicking "yes" in the report on the device request, you can give rights to a third-party device.