Samsung engineers are working on a foldable smartphone in two places

The collection of foldable smartphones Samsung in the near future is expected to add to the Z Fold and Z Flip, folding in two places, a new type of foldable device.

Judging by the information published by Nikkei Asia, the novelty will fold into three parts, using two hinges and will get an aspect ratio of 18 by 9 or 16 by 9. It is reported that the South Korean manufacturer has repeatedly registered patents related to the work of such a device, and therefore we can safely conclude that its release is not far off.

However, the release of the smartphone may be complicated by a shortage of processors. The company has already noted that it is postponing the release of the updated Galaxy Note because of this. Given that the smartphone with a folding screen needs a powerful chipset, its release also remains questionable.

The approximate cost of the new product and its possible characteristics are not even called yet.