Maximum personality. What the new Android 12 will bring

The first open test version of Android 12 may already be available to Pixel owners and a small number of lucky owners of other devices. The novelty is very different from the previous version and will allow users to customize the interface design as much as possible.

The appearance of the interface of Android 12 has undergone significant changes and has become much more logical and understandable. Elements of the interface can be painted at will, there is an opportunity to change the value of contrast. The theme of the device will be able to adjust the colors of the wallpaper. The company's engineers managed to compensate for the increased resource intensity of the interface with an optimized display algorithm.
Curtain elements are now displayed in the form of large tiles, rather than round small elements as before.

Some improvements are also aimed at increasing security. So, with the help of a special panel there is a possibility to check permissions of applications, and thanks to indicators it will be visible, when one or another program gets access to microphone or camera.