Most Apple users do not want the new model to be called iPhone 13

The number 13 has a strong negative connotation, and therefore is often removed. For example, the 12th floor is sometimes followed by 12B or immediately by 14, bypassing the unfortunate number 13. On ships, it is a frequent practice to have no 13 staterooms, and so on. Apple's new generation of smartphones should be called iPhone 13, but this could cause problems with product sales.

On the week of three thousand adult Americans conducted a survey, which sought to find out the attitude of people to the upcoming appearance of the iPhone 13 lineup. According to the survey results it was found out that three quarters of the respondents don't like the name iPhone 13 and would like the novelty to have another name.

Almost 40 percent would choose the name iPhone 21 for the new lineup, 7 percent voted for iPhone 14, and 13 percent would add an "S" to the old name of the iPhone 12 lineup.