The mobile version of Ni No Kuni managed to surpass Pokemon GO in terms of revenue

The iconic Pokemon GO game brought its creators their first $100 million in just 12 days after its official release. For a long time, no mobile game has been able to surpass this incredible achievement, but recently that "bastion" fell.

Ni No Kuni mobile game brought the developers first 100 millions just 11 days after its release. And the game could be downloaded only by users from Japan, Macau, South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The rest of the regions will have to wait for the game release in 2022.

The main plot of the game is a 13-th year-old boy Oliver, who gets to the parallel world with the help of magic fairy Drippy, where his incredible adventures start. Elegant graphics, exciting battles and a thoroughly thought-out plot ensure that the game will be loved by millions of gamers around the world.