Every second person on Earth owns a smartphone

Every year the number of smartphone users is steadily increasing. According to Strategy Analytics data, every second inhabitant of the Earth has a smartphone today.
The analytical company has counted about 4 billion active mobile devices connected to the Internet. The attached graph in the study clearly shows the dynamics of the spread of smartphones in the world. Thus, from 1994 to 2003 the speed of proliferation of smartphones was minimal, the devices were expensive and unaffordable for most. Later until 2011-2012 the spread of smartphones began to increase gradually, and with the release of low-cost models and the emergence of 3G networks the rapid growth of sales began.
In recent years, the pace of smartphone penetration has slowed a little, apparently because of market saturation, however, thanks to developing countries, the growth of sales is still clearly visible.
Analysts say that by the end of 2029 there will be about 5 billion people using smartphones.