TikTok tops the list of most downloaded apps

The pandemic and the need to stay at home for long periods of time seem to have played into the hands of the TikTok app. In search of an activity, many people decided to join the social network and found it quite interesting.

A year earlier, the popularity ranking was unwaveringly topped by Facebook with more than a billion users, while TikTok was only in fourth place. However, within a year, the video platform surpassed both it and WhatsApp and Instagram, confidently gaining the lead. It is noteworthy that this success was not prevented even by the threat of blocking the application in the United States during the presidency of Donald Trump, who saw in the application a threat to the interests and national security of the country. Biden, who succeeded Trump, was among the first decisions to lift all restrictions on TikTok, which contributed to the fact that the app topped the popularity rating in the United States.

It should be noted that if previously TikTok was associated only with a place where a huge number of users fooled around, then today this social network, among other things, has become a place where many artists, and simply public people, carry out their professional activities.