AnTuTu reveals the most popular features of smartphones

Every month the AnTuTu benchmark checks millions of smartphones around the world, as a result of which it publishes a list of the most powerful and fastest devices. With an extensive database of checks, the experts of the platform can highlight the most common characteristics, which have the majority of tested smartphones.

So, based on the results of the third quarter of this year, the following user preferences can be identified. The most popular brand of mobile processors remains Qualcomm, chips of which are present in almost 62 percent of devices tested. Every second device tested had 8 GB of RAM.

The most "favorite" among users was the diagonal size of 6.6 inches, it is found in a third of devices, and in the matter of screen resolution the dominant one was Full HD, which was chosen by 60% of smartphone owners. Interestingly, the percentage of smartphones with 120 Hz and 60 Hz screen refresh rate was almost identical - 41.3 vs. 41.6.