Geely mulls buying Meizu and entering the mobile market

The famous automaker Geely sets itself the ambitious task of gaining a foothold in the mobile sector. To do this, the Chinese company wants to buy Meizu, which in recent times is clearly not enough stars from the sky.

According to the online publication 36Krypton, Geely's lawyers and economists are currently scrutinizing Meizu, and if the audit does not reveal any serious problems, the Chinese smartphone maker will soon be absorbed. It is already known that the development of new models of mobile devices will be taken over by engineers Meizu, and production - the Taiwanese company Foxconn.

By the way, thoughts about the mobile industry at Meizu appeared long ago. The company has created a separate division Xingji Times, which should help enter the new market, has hired strong managers from OPPO and Xiaomi and has invested in its brainchild has more than 1.5 billion dollars.
The tentative release date for the first Meizu smartphones is 2023.