The new Pokemon GO update will not work on old smartphones

October update Pokemon GO will noticeably reduce the number of smartphones that can support the new version of the popular game. According to the developer, from next month players with mobile devices based on iOS 10 and 11, as well as Android 5 will not be able to enter the game.
Perhaps this decision was made due to the impossibility to implement all the conceived in the game on the old versions of operating systems. Do not forget that Pokemon GO is a technically complex AR-game, demanding to the "iron", and in order to exclude the possibility of "hangs" and lags, the developer decided to limit the entry into it for outdated devices.

By the way, among the outdated include, for example, the iPhone 5s and 6, even though they will get iOS 12. Niantic company separately notes that users who can somehow bypass the ban on older devices, will not be served by technical support.