Ecliptus for GoPro Hero4

Ecliptus is a special case with an additional lens, sensor and batteries. The latter should provide up to 9 hours of continuous shooting. According to the developers, based on the accessory are military developments in the field of night vision. The authors Ecliptus tried to create the most simple, compact, light and easy to handle device that will deal with anyone. In addition, the accessory can send a picture with the camera on mobile devices based on iOS or Android.

At this point the authors of a night vision device for GoPro Hero4 raise funds to run Ecliptus into production. For the successful completion of the campaign, they need $ 50 000. It is worth noting that Ecliptus can become one of the most expensive accessories GoPro. On KickStarter novelty can be ordered for $ 3 995. Retail Ecliptus the cost will be more than $ 5000.