Google introduced the first tablet on Chrome OS

Today, the long-awaited presentation of the American corporation Google, on which Pixel Slate was shown, among other things, took place. A feature of the tablet was the operating system Chrome OS, on the basis of which it works. Interestingly, when the keyboard is connected, the interface takes on the usual form, and in the single tablet mode, the interface changes to a lightweight one.
The device has received a 12.3-inch premium IPS-display with a pixel rate of 293 ppi and an ultra-thin 7 mm case. The autonomy of the tablet on the assurance of the manufacturer is 12 hours.
Tablets run on Intel processors in combination with 4-16 GB of RAM and 32-256 GB of internal memory. The devices have a fingerprint sensor, an 8-megapixel camera and several USB-C ports.
The most budgetary configuration of the tablet will cost the buyer $600, the top-end - $1600.