How can take the audio jack of your smartphone?

There are ultra-compact solution with a hard mount, but safer and more convenient in operation is considered an adapter with a flexible stem. The length of the splitter is rarely more than 17-20 cm.
Чем можно занять аудио разъем вашего смартфона?

The advent of smartphones in recent years the IR port to control home electronics was quite unexpected trend. For devices where this option is spared, it was invented small infrared adapters that plug into the audio output of your smartphone on your iOS or Android allow you to control virtually any home appliances with an infrared port through a special application companion.
Чем можно занять аудио разъем вашего смартфона?

For example, Jakcom IR One is made of aluminum, and its working distance is 12 meters.

Advanced models of standalone flash allows you to adjust the brightness level, and have a wide range of color temperature. With a relatively compact size - on average, 40 x 40 x 10 mm - the flash can be carried in a pocket or bag. Also, the flash can be operated continuously, when it comes to video capture.