New Chinese supercomputer

We have previously mentioned that in China began to establish the world's fastest supercomputer. At the moment, the title belongs to the Chinese supercomputer Sunway-TaihuLight, whose capacity exceeds 100 Pflops. It is capable of handling 93 quadrillion operations per second. It is also currently the National Supercomputing Center in Tianjin, together with the National University of Defense Technology of China developing a supercomputer that can handle quintillion operations per second. And this week it became known that the National Research Center of Parallel Computer Engineering Technology and has begun work on a supercomputer that can perform more than a thousand quadrillion calculations per second.

Разрабатывается новый суперкомпьютер

According to Jan Meyhuna, currently in China launched three projects to develop new supercomputer, which will be more powerful than all the existing ones. Note that these computers uses a variety of companies in various fields, including in the field of biological medicine research, create animations, Oil Search, the production of high quality equipment, and more.