Huawei P11 Lite

Japanese branch of Amazon opened the veil over the appearance of the new brainchild of Huawei - P11 Lite. The service presents accessories for the new model and even photos of the phone itself. Judging by the photos available on Amazon, the new Huawei P11 Lite will have some resemblance to the iPhone X.
Стало известно, как будет выглядеть Huawei P11 Lite

The smartphone will be equipped with a face recognition system and will receive an almost frameless display. According to the manufacturer, Huawei P11 Lite not only will not yield to Apple products, but in some aspects will be able to outperform the smartphones iPhone.
It is interesting that in some photos the Huawei P11 Lite is slightly different, it has the appearance of a standard budget phone and a display with proportions of 18:9.
Presentation of a new line of smartphones Huawei is scheduled for the end of February.