Possible name of the operating system Android 9.0

According to tradition, Google calls the versions of its operating systems delicacies in alphabetical order. So it was with the eighth version of the Oreo system, starting with the letter O, with the seventh - Nougat, the sixth - Marshmallow and so on. Accordingly, the current version of the operating system will begin with the letter P.
Возможные название операционной системы Android 9.0

Sweets with the letter P are enough, which one will choose Google is not yet known, but people do not give up trying to guess the right answer. The most popular versions today are: Pastille, Pie, Poptart (cookie brand) and Popsicle (fruit ice cream).
In AOSP, the new version is hidden under the abbreviation "Pi", so the Pie option seems to be perfect. Well, it's not so long to wait, soon Google will present an updated version of Android 9.0, and we'll find out which version was true.