TSMC plans to launch mass production of 2-nanometer chips by 2023

Taiwanese company TSMC continues to strengthen its leading position in the chipbuilding industry. It has already started mass production of processors using 5-nanometer technology, but is not going to rest on its laurels and aims to produce 2-nanometer chips.
The key to the giant's success is the GAAFET technology, which has left Samsung's main competitor behind. Until recently, a Taiwanese chip maker used FinFET technology, but the transition to a more advanced three- and two-nanometer production was not possible due to its imperfection. The fact is that the use of this technology is based on the use of field-effect transistors with vertical type channels, while the more advanced technology is characterized by a circular gate and horizontal type channels.
It is rumored that the Taiwanese giant has set a target to launch mass production of 2-nanometer chips by 2023.