Huawei has presented a revolutionary charger

Huawei's research unit has managed to develop a high-speed charger. According to the information provided, a fully discharged 3 000 mAh battery is almost half charged in five minutes. This has no analogues in the world, but at the moment there is one significant drawback in technology.

In order to charge the battery, it must be removed from the mobile phone and placed in the charger. And the charger itself can not boast of a miniature size. This means that for 10-15 minutes you will be unavailable.
Perhaps the creation of such a high-speed charger can again provoke the release of mobile phones with removable batteries. By the way, it is possible that Huawei will improve its invention.

To this day, the fastest charging of the phone showed Meizu, fully charging the smartphone for 20 minutes.