OPPO Find X has the most complex internal device

The internal arrangement of the flagship OPPO Find X, presented only a month ago, has become the most difficult among all smartphones presented at the moment on the market. At least, this was reported by employees of MyFixGuide, who specialize in disassembling smartphones and reviews. They are sure that because of the sliding camera and other "highlights", the number of details in the smartphone has grown dramatically.
OPPO Find X имеет самое сложное внутреннее устройство и больше всего деталей

Thanks to the retractable camera, it was possible to bring the percentage of the screen from the front panel to an amazing 93.8%, which today has no analogues in the world. In order to make this system work, the Chinese manufacturer had to add additional motors, pull-out paths, damping and protection systems to the standard device circuit.