Sony is working on 48-megapixel sensors

Not showing any impressive results in the smartphone market, the Japanese Sony, as before, has no equal in the segment of image sensors. The new development of the corporation is a revolutionary 48-megapixel sensor, which has no analogues in the world.

With IMX586 smartphone will be able to shoot like a real SLR camera. The new sensor combines several advanced technologies, for example, the developers managed to achieve an increase in photosensitivity, using an array of color filters.

The new sensor will allow you to shoot 4K-rollers in 90 fps mode, and HD - 480 fps, which roughly corresponds to the characteristics of SLR cameras.
Note that Sony's technology is more preferable than the attempts of Nokia and Huawei, since the Japanese use a miniature sensor with a pixel size of just 0.8 microns.
Approximate cost of the sensor is 27 dollars.