Found a new vulnerability

As a rule, before the threat of a virus attack for all sorts of gadgets came after the installation of malicious software, or used "holes" of the internal memory of the device. But Israeli computer security experts have found another way of getting viruses on mobile devices - through a memory card.
A vulnerability called Man-in-the-Disk makes it possible to infect a gadget by downloading an infected application that has access to data on the memory card.
Internal memory of mobile devices is usually well protected, but with external memory things are much worse. Many applications have their data on the cards, hoping that it is safe there, but the vulnerability found, based on the lack of system protection, is capable of messing up misfortunes.
By the way, to the number of dangerous applications, Israeli specialists classified such popular applications as Yandex and Google translators, as well as, for example, a standard browser.