Google officially unveiled a new generation of phone

Yesterday in New York, Google finally showed the third series of its branded smartphones. Of course, all the details and specifications of the new products were known in advance, since in Hong Kong gadgets could be purchased a week ago, and the last few months various leaks about the new Pixel 3 appeared on the Internet almost daily.
As a result, all the rumors were confirmed, and smartphones look exactly as expected: 6.3-inch XL version and 5.5-inch basic version. Thanks to the use of glass in the back of the smartphone, it was possible to realize the wireless charging option. Improved front stereo speakers in the new version of the smartphone have become almost half louder.
Traditionally, the strong point of the device is the camera. A 12.2 megapixel module (f / 1.8) with improved shooting performance helps to get high-quality photos. Dual front camera with a wide-angle lens makes it possible to capture more information in the frame. A pleasant bonus for all phone buyers will be unlimited storage allocated in Google Photos until the end of 2021.