Xiaomi is working on a Redmi K30 smartphone with a 5G modem

In the last days of spring, the Redmi brand introduced the flagship smartphone K20 with top-end features, a retractable front camera and a frameless design. His success predetermined the work on the continuation of the line. The other day, the head of the company, Lou Weibing, told subscribers of his Weibo account that he is actively working on the Redmi K30 model, which, among other characteristics, will receive support for next-generation networks.
Considering that the long-awaited announcement of Redmi Note 8 will take place today, we can say with confidence that the Xiaomi sub-brand is on the right track and has perfectly integrated into the mainstream of the company's customers.
Nothing is known about the characteristics of the Redmi K30, but one must think that the smartphone will retain the main features of its predecessor and will probably get a more powerful processor, 64 or even 108 megapixel cameras and support for fast charging.