Researchers explained why the autonomy of work decreases in flagman smartphones

Journalists of the Washington Post have become concerned about the deterioration of the autonomy of modern mobile phones. It is not a secret that every new gadget works from charging to charging less and less, the journalists decided to figure out why this is happening.
Employees of the publication decided to conduct a test, taking 13 new smartphones of different brands, and testing their autonomy in completely identical conditions. The iPhone XR showed the highest result, having worked longer than its previous version. All other smartphones, including the iPhone XS and Pixel 3, have managed to work much less before their full discharge than their last year’s models.
Contacting the experts and showing them the results of the study, the journalists received a response. It turns out that the use of the flagship models of OLED-displays and networks of the new generation is to blame. Actually, the iPhone XR has worked longer, since the display of the device does not work on OLED, but on IPS technology. In addition, the progress of the batteries is much slower than the progress of new technologies, and therefore often the batteries do not cope with the increased power consumption.