5,700 Smartphone Displays Fail Daily in the USA

Well-known service for repairing mobile devices SquareTrade has recently published statistics on smartphone breakdowns in the United States. After analyzing the numbers, you can come to interesting conclusions.
So, according to the repair company, the lion’s share of smartphone owners complain about problems with displays. According to expert estimates, over the past year, Americans have spent 3.4 billion dollars to replace the matrices of their gadgets. Every day almost 6 thousand smartphones fail the display.
In about three cases out of four, the cause of the display failure was the fall of the mobile device. And in half the cases, the smartphone fell out of pocket.
About 60 percent of owners of smartphones with beaten displays do not apply for repairs, but simply acquire a new device. Almost 40 percent who applied to the workshop asking to replace a broken display refuse to repair because of its high cost.