Analysts have figured out the cost of a folding Galaxy F

In the near future, a collapsible smartphone from Samsung will appear in company stores. The device, called the Galaxy F, will cost about $ 1,800 and will be the most expensive among all models of the South Korean company.
“What is the reason for such a huge price?”, Thought the specialists of the analytical company CGS-CIMB Research, and wanted to find out what the real value of the new product was. Employees of the company found the cost of all the components used in the smartphone, and came to the conclusion that its cost is only 640 dollars.
So, the most expensive element of a smartphone has become its display (the main flexible and optional), its cost is equal to 220 dollars. $ 80 worth of device memory, 9 - battery, 48 - camera. The company's margin is 65 percent.
Of course, all calculations are very approximate in nature, not taking into account production costs and other factors.