Sales of Pixel smartphones increased by one and a half times in the past year

Despite rather pessimistic forecasts, the number of sold Pixel smartphones for the past year was a record 7.2 million units, which is about one and a half times higher than the figure shown in 2018. This information was shared the day before by one of the heads of the research agency IDC.

According to Francisco Geronimo, for 2019 the volume of new smartphones of the Pixel line showed a 52 percent growth. And all this despite the fact that the line is still not so well distributed in the market. According to the agency report, Google is still significantly behind the industry in sales to the whales - Apple, Samsung and Huawei. The Americans alone sold about 74 million smartphones between October and December, while South Koreans sold 69 million. But the OnePlus company was left behind.

Given the expansion into new markets, we can assume that Google is quite capable of continuing to grow sales.