QuickPic utility is missing from Google Play

A small and fast utility for viewing photos and pictures QuickPic no longer exists. The official reason for which the popular gallery has not been on Google Play for two weeks is unknown, although many blame the unreasonable policy of its owner, Cheetah Mobile.
For many years, QuickPic was in the top of the most popular programs for smartphones on meringues Android. Completely free application won a large army of fans, but that all changed a few years ago, when the application was purchased by Chinese Cheetah Mobile. Even then, many suspected that by going under the banners of a rather dubious company, the application would soon face serious problems. So, in general, it turned out that some day the application, downloaded more than 10 million times, is not in the store.
By the way, in November, the company was accused of winding up advertising clicks to bypass the system user permissions, and Google removed the CM File Manager application from the store.